Family Genealogy

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No job is too big or small.

Family History

We will research your family history in as much as the records will allow. (It is worth noting that many national census records for Ireland prior to 1901 were destroyed in the fire at the Four Courts in 1922.)

We will construct a family tree for all lineages in your family and provide as much detail as possible for all members of the tree both living and dead.

Family search

We will undertake searches for individual family members who may have travelled abroad many years ago and then lost touch with their relatives at home.

This may involve travel that would not be undertaken without prior consent.

We will search for traces of relatives for those clients living outside Ireland and record the research either on audio, video or with photographs. Again, this is only undertaken with prior consent.

Site visits

We can visit any location of interest and provide detailed reports on the subject matter uncovered.

These can include:

  • Towns and villages
  • Churches
  • Cemeteries and graveyards
  • Places of employment
  • Townlands
  • Rural estates and baronies
  • Military establishments
  • Museums, galleries
  • Libraries and locations of archives