Family Genealogy

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The fees for undertaking a new project for a client will vary according to the extent of the work. There is a basic fee of €100 for the initial meeting and briefing of the project. The estimate of the remainder of the fees will be provided once the scope of the project is established.

All third party expenses will be recoverable and will be charged at net cost. This can include subscription fees, documentation fees, travel and subsistence. Again this will be explained in detail at the initial meeting.

"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance." — George Bernard Shaw

Contract and payment

In order to agree the details and scope of the project a contract will be prepared between the client and the business setting out the nature of the research and the timeline agreed.

This must be agreed by both parties before the work can commence.

Any deviation from the agreement will be discussed and amended if necessary.

Payment will be on foot of a detailed invoice issued which can be settled by EFT or cheque.

Payment terms will be agreed at the contract stage.

If, for some reason the research fails to uncover what was originally agreed for the project no charges apart from the initial fee and third party expenses will need to be paid.